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Commissions: Closed

Commission info~>

{Collabs and art-trades are closed.}


My youtube channel~>…

I'm also on Furaffinity~>…


Slot list for commissions and the order in which they'll be completed.

1. raevocrei
2. Scarlitt_Artz
3. Thorai
4. Racktor
5. bluehasia
6. ArcNova


{ Doesn't matter whether you're a friend or not. I don't do free art, no favors, no requests or so called gift arts and when I do its not because I was asked to ^^
So please don't bother. My answer is no, sorry. }


A friend of mine requested me to fill this out so, here goes :)

1. What do you like best of Halloween?
The spookiness, the parties, treats, the movies and costumes most of all *-*

2. Name 5 Halloween Movies you absolutely love:
-Hocus Pocus
-Van Helsing (That counts ;p)
-Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Whats your favorite costume you've worn this year/previous years.
I was golden knight in 2007, made the armor myself and won first prize at this Halloween festival. That was probably my favorite costume because I worked my ass off to create it and it was nice to win something for it :XD:

4. Who is your favorite Halloween Celebrity/Monster and would you want/wanted to meet them in person [Example:  Anjelica Huston who played Morticia Addams]?
Hmm, these guys are awesome. Probably wouldn't want to get too close though o.o

5. What do you like best to get in your treat bag/nom on?
When I was younger... chocolate! The good kind though not the cheap stuff 

6. What is the worst candy you try to stay away/dislike?

7. First word that pops into your head when I say "Halloween"?
Jack o lanterns

8. If a curse was placed on you that gave you the choice to be a mythological creature/super natural being or an entity in exchange of your human appearance/aspect, what would would it be and what would be the negative of choosing it. [Example: A Ghost, it would be awesome and you could go anywhere but you'd give up your physical body]
Curse? Well a dragon would be awesome but I guess the downside would be... I can no longer hang out with my friends/family as a person and that people might want to capture me. The negative side wouldn't be enough to change my mind if it were possible though :XD:

9. What was/are your plans on Halloween day/night?
Hmm, last year I went to this Zombie Party in the woods with my friends but its not the same this year. Two of my friends that were there last year won't be there ^^ Dunno if I'll do that again yet... thinking about it though!

10. After Halloween do you buy candy when it goes on sale? =3
Sometimes... depends on what it is. Although I shouldn't be eating candy at all ^^

11. Do you believe in the the traditions/history regarding Halloween?
I guess so, it was never a part of my culture but that doesn't stop me from enjoying :XD:

12. What time do you turn off your lights/bring in the decorations/blow out the pumpkins?
As soon as we run out of candy, its a good way to tell the kids were all out o.o 

13. Do you feel safe in your neighborhood to trick or treat or come home from a party after dark [between 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM]
I don't go trick or treating but when I did, yeah. Its pretty safe here, small towns usually are :XD:


Well, Happy Halloween. Feel free to steal this and fill it out I guess, bye :pumpkin:

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Well, actually it's because your name is different from when I used to watch you on my older account, but hey I found you again! ~

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I have no idea why I haven't watched You before :(
Really great works You have here, very nice and neat usage of colors, tones and light, also great details, and I love how You draw characters expressions.

Get ready for a favbomb when I get back from work^^
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Hey there Lucy. :hug:

how is my Friend doing? :aww:
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