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I have a lot of pencil art that I did in the past few months but I gotta get em all together. I had moved to a new house recently and I love it. As for digital art... *sigh* well my tablets pretty much falling apart, so that's a problem. Anyways... the question is. Do I spam you guys all of my art in one go, or sprinkle them online throughout the rest of the week? Hrm...
The same can be said about my youtube. I have new epic videos made (non speed-paints) but I don't know about uploading everything at once there. I don't really think there is much of an audience for my non-art related videos but I enjoy making em anyway. Imma spam you my latest, because why not.

I have a new account on FA, follow me if you want.…
I've had it for a while but I just assumed that nobody cares until a friend told me otherise haha, anyways. I really hope your guys past year has been okay, I know I'm not exactly active anywhere anymore but I want to try and change that

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