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Back-ish? Eh... where to start. First of all, this year has not been too good to me. Mentally, emotionally and all that good stuff wise... I've been pretty great. Aside from that. I have been homeless for close to two months now. Reason being is because my family and I lost our home to a house fire. I really don't know if I should go into details about it right now, so I'll keep it as short as I can. My family and I made it out of the house, but a close friend of ours who was asleep near to where the fire started passed away. Three of our cats died in the fire as well and one that did survive had to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation (Shes okay now, thankfully). We're told the cause of it was an electrical fire but its been such a nightmare dealing with our housing authority after all of this. The family of the deceased has been nothing but supportive to us but our housing authority wont even help us to find emergency housing nor will they let us apply or a new place because there was a death in the home and because of these stupid accusations we've had to deal with. Nothing can be done until they're done with their investigation and all that. Ugh... I swear they're literally kicking us while we're down. Currently looking to start a new life elsewhere, just a waiting game with paper work and legal stuff. 
 Anyways... I've had a lot of free time on my hands lately. One nice thing about all of this happening is that I have kinda been having fun living like a real nomad, out seeing a lot of new, scenic and outlandish places. When you live out of a car, what else is there to do but travel ;P (I'll have to upload some of the photos I took of these places sometime.) I do miss sharing my artwork here though. I cant do digital art anymore, at least not until I can get my hands on a new tablet since it is totaled. Still, I wanted to start doing art trades and commissions again. I'm pretty flexible with prices at the moment. My part would be traditional art of course, pencil and pen. Something like those pencil sketch and colored sketch commissions I've done in the past.

Lingering by Enigmatic-Ki Ascension by Enigmatic-Ki Celestial Fire by Enigmatic-Ki

I can totally do head shots and busts in pencil like this as well. 
  1451078613.hatsjer Therasoul Sketch Gift By Kiraga by Enigmatic-Ki

Heck, I can even do watercolor, but I think I'll have that medium as an option for art trade only. At least until I have a good idea of how it'll turn out before I decide to offer it as commissions. Well, let me know what you guys think I suppose.

P.S. If anyone knows how to draw people, or portraits of people and wants to trade. I would love to have a portrait of my grandma done. I had a couple of really nice drawings of my grandma framed in my old house but lost em in the fire. It would be great if I could have new ones done. Either by trade or commission if I can afford it. 

*Musical spams a current-ish obsession* :heart:
Been a long while since I've been on, and here's why. My motherboard was fried, the repair guy I went to tried to save my hard drive so I'd have all my files and programs. Nope, even that was toast after he had another look at it. *sigh* Thankfully, some very good friends of mine helped me to get a new computer and so now I've got to start all over by scratch. 

P.S. Sorry I haven't been so active and responsive to comments and stuff. *currently in search of free digital art software*
Like the title says, just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and also wanted to share a little tribute to the Water Protectors who are out there in the cold on this holiday.…

The water protectors have formed a resistance in Cannonball North Dakota against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline for the land and for clean drinking water for many months now. If it breaks, everyone downstream of the Missouri river will be affected by it. Not to mention it sits atop one of the worlds largest aquifers. I have family up there, and I have family who live by the waterside. It's original route crossed up river of Bismark North Dakota a population of %90 whites but it was moved south, because the people of Bismark didn't want their water to be affected in case of a break. The pipeline is now being built over many sacred sites and burial grounds. A couple years back, my own tribe fought against another pipeline being built through part of our land and won. I can only hope and pray that Standing Rock can do the same. Now what a sad topic to bring up on during thanksgiving, heh. It is what it is I guess. Again, happy thanksgiving everyone. Hope you enjoyed your meals :)
Just thought I'd share the link with any fellow epic trailer music enthusiasts out there~>
You'll get 8 albums for $2, plus bonus/exclusive things which unlock when the donations reach a certain amount. All profits go to the Trocaire Refugee Crisis Relief. My personal favorites out of this bundle have to be "Earth" by Michael Maas and "SIGMA" by Epic Soul Factory. Both are beautiful and badass, the others are pretty sweet as well >->
Maybe late to the whole autism awareness thing but whatevs... my bestest friend in the whole world right now is somewhere in the autistic spectrum and no one could ever replace her ♥
I don't quite frequent this site as much as I used to, still draw of course but I thought it couldn't hurt to share some of my profiles on the sites that I do keep up with. 

Speed-paintings, random music & epic cinematics. 

I'm here for the epic short films, but otherwise I don't upload much.

Pretty landscape photos that I take of my area.

Latest music I'm listening to and a few golden oldies as well.

Alphacoders Wallpaper Abyss 
I don't know why more artists don't try this, the Alpha Coders Creator thing is pretty nice!
"Alpha Coders Creators contribute some images that are original creations. Help us encourage them by visiting their page to allow us to reward them with monetary payment for their good work, and show them support from the community. Let us all remember they are creating images for our enjoyment and we owe them our thanks for their efforts."

Yeeeah... pretty much same as here. I don't visit that site much at all these days, welp.

Mour music.
Have some funky Irish drum & metal folkstep~

Nothing else to say really, just maybe my apologies for the frequent inactivity lately. Still doing artwork when I can though, kinda have a lot on my plate here to keep me busy. Things change, and everyday life stuff needs to be dealt with too... you know, that whole chestnut. Fun!
As the title reads, I won't be taking on any new commissions. My current slot list can be read on my profile.
My name is now Planet X, according to a long time friend of mine haha, and as Planet X. I am curious to know/hear what you guys are listening to. My own personal favorite type of genre's would be symphonic rock, trance + vocal trance and most of all epic trailer and sound tracks (basically... anything but rap and screamo).

Heh, would be willing to swap an album or two..(hell if it is a full video game ost or two) I really would like new stuff to jam to while arting. I have this whole playlist to share if you are into epic orchestral cinematics.…

So yeah, musical journal ftw! Feel free to note me what you think ♥

(Sorry for some seriously late replies here, I am enjoying suggestions though!)